Our Background


  • A war which went on for some 30 years and the well known brutality of every description in the political management of the country meant that Mekelle at the end of the 80's was plunged into extreme poverty. The Daughters of Charity religious Order was already settled there. One of the nuns, Sister Margaret Coney, a strong willed and devoted Irish woman started a small community clinic where thousands of patients suffering from TRACOMA (a disease which causes blindness brought about by poverty) where operated and incessantly taken care of.
  • Then, in the early 90's Dr. Carretero from Almería and later Dr.Luis Cuadrado from Salamanca found themselves in Mekelle and at different times assisted Sister Margaret and decided , with scanty means, to operate cataracts. The year after Dr.Cuadrado's first stay he returned with Dr.Román Blanco (Barcelona) and the year after that, both of them went back with Dr.Julio de la Cámara (Barcelona). When in Mekelle the three of them discussed the possibility of doing something more and upon their return to Barcelona they founded the PROYECTO VISION (P.V.) Association.
    We are now talking of 1995.
    What moved them unanimously was the conscience that all men are equal and therefore all men are equally deserving of receiving the necessary health care.
    Sister Margaret's support and that of the whole community was enormous.
    The Tigray community (region where we are located), much more intensely than in many other places in the world was suffering from frightful blindness ; it still suffers from this deficiency although on a smaller scale. There was only one ophthalmologist for the whole of Tigray (4 million inhabitants), he was working in St.Louise Eye Clinic with Sister Margaret.
    Since 1995 P.V. has continued its growth. Ophthalmologists from all over Spain, over 50, have collaborated and continue doing so.
  • At present we operate some 1000 patients each year and visit over 2500 patients.
    The Clinic's director
    (the Clinic at present has all which is necessary in order to offer
    care of a standard which is adequate by European standards) is Sister Lettegabriel et, who is an Ethiopian.
  • Berhano and Neguisti (two OMA nurses) she travels to far away , mountainous regions of Tigray in order to bring a great many number of patients to the Clinic.

  • All this activity which is conducted under the auspices of the "Daughters of Charity" Community is also recognized by the Regional Health Bureau of Tigray whose ministers have given us all the help we have needed .With their assistance we have introduced the Ophthalmic Medical Assistance -OMA- degree , and also that of Cataract Surgeon, thanks to both the health care in the whole of the area is improving.