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The Daughters of Charity congregation in Mekelle (Ethiopia) is the basic pillar for looking after and caring for the humblest people in their region. Without their effort and dedication it would not be possible for the needy to have the basic health care required to assist them with their ailments.


For Proyecto Visión the Daughters of Charity are more than a local counterpart.

They take us into their home, they facilitate all our activities, they offer us safety.

Even more important is the task carried out by Sister Lettegabriel and all her collaborators.


A perfect organization:

The selection of patients.

The Ethiopian team travels to remote villages which are difficult to reach. During one week they visit and select patients nonstop.

When the Spanish teams arrive a large number of patients are ready to be visited and to undergo surgery

Sister Lettegabriel manages the Clinic's staff firmly and intelligently, with a natural and sensitive manner.

All the teams who travel to Saint Louise value enormously the great effort and the excellent results which are achieved.



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